Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heroes Season 3: Volume 3

Volume 3: Villians was the continuing saga of how not to run a television show that at one point was actually relatively good.

Heroes Season 3, all rights retained by original copyright holdersThe main story arc of this season was developed and originally would be part of the second season, but due to the writer’s strike – many of the plot elements were apparently transferred over. Since I’m basing this entirely off my memory – the central story arc of this season was certainly not as well defined as either of the previous two seasons. The “Villains” that we were introduced to were underused, and honestly were not very threatening at times.

Like the second season, the storyline is split up, with storylines competing for airtime in practically every episode. In a way it almost feels as if they divvied up airtime so each character got equal airtime. However, Claire’s storyline apparently grows in this volume (for no reason), as does her importance to something we had never been introduced to before (ret-conned into the show). I guess she has a better agent.

Again we have a story arc that is missing a good central villain, because too much time is focused on Sylar. In this case, Arthur (a new character introduced in this season) should have been the real "big badguy" of the season. The problem here was that Sylar was used far too much and in too many differing ways. Good Sylar, trying-to-be-good Sylar, buddy-buddy Sylar, "brother"-Sylar, and finally Evil Sylar again.

The Jessica-Micca is officially over at this point. However, not to escape Heroes, Ali Larter returns as another character entirely. Those darn compromising photos she has of someone on staff come back to bite the show in the butt! I kid… I kid… (unless it’s true – then you heard it first from me!). The Maya storyline that bogged down Season 2 is almost gone (almost). It still unfortunately rears its head again before disappearing for good.

Most of the people I know who are still watching Heroes are either out of habit or obligation. Volume 4 is a vast improvement, and (almost) worth the wait.

** 1/2 out of *****

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