Monday, May 18, 2009

My respect for Ewan McGregor has increased

Any ill will I had towards him has completely erased. It only took three words. Well, three words, one which is a conjunction.

"Who's Megan Fox?"

While I realize that in this particular post I'm partaking in exactly what I'm about to rail against, I figure it's time to put everything out in the open, then forget about it.

From my brief experience on the matter of "actress" Megan Fox, I have come to the conclusion that she's either dumb as a bag of bricks or a marketing mastermind. When I add everything up, my conclusion is that she's likely the latter, assuming that she's not being told what to say.

I first found out who this chick was about 3 months ago. Yep, 3 months ago. I had no idea who she was, even after seeing about 20 minutes of Transformers on HBO. Yep, I haven't seen that entire film. 20 minutes is enough to "get" a Michael Bay movie.

What I find so perplexing about this person is that even though she burns her own fan base when she says they are a "waste of time" - they don't care. She's "hot." I don't find her particularly attractive, at least when ranked against quite a few other celebrities and actresses. I've seen porn stars that are less fake then her, and others with more charm and acting chops to boot!

I don't see a long, fulfilling career with this person. Her looks will fade in a few years, her relationship with the "mature 35 year old" will eventually crumble like most Hollywood relationships, and eventually someone "new" will fill her place faster than you can snap your fingers.

She's trying to be "edgy" by telling us she's filthy and doesn't flush the toilet and stinks it up whenever she consumes anything. She's condescending and transparent when she talks about Scarlett Johansson, a situation where she says she has "nothing against her" then immediately attacks her. Why? Because she's intelligent and uses "big" words.

Everything "kooky" she says is all calculated so that people will continue to talk about it, like I am here. When the gimmick is over, all anyone will remember her for is the stupid comments.

But what do I know, I'm apparently just an immature twenty-something. I'm not like Megan Fox - ya know, she feels like she has the maturity of a thirty-five year old.

So again, my hat is off to you Mr. McGregor.

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