Saturday, August 22, 2009

When opening themes make or break the show: Law & Order UK

I finally caught the new version of Law & Order, Law & Order UK. Essentially the show is a remake of the original, reusing the stories from the original show. With over 250 episodes, they certainly have quite a few that they can chose from!

Well, I certainly was surprised when the show's opening credits diverged from their American counterparts so radically. No Mike Post theme here.

I've found a fan version that modifies this, recreated in the style of the original series, and frankly - at least on this side of the pond - it works better for this franchise.
The theme doesn't break the show, though many fans may scream blasphemy, since the rest of the show's basic elements are still there. They got the same "Duh Duh" and scene breaks where they list the location the subsequent scene will be in.

Verdict: Unaffected, though slightly annoyed with the change.

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