Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bryan Singer brought in to direct 2nd Battlestar Galactica remake

Recently it has come out that Bryan Singer (director of the first two X-Men films, The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns) will helm the second remake of Battlestar Galactica.

I grew up with the original show. I watched the entire series multiple times from start to finish throughout my childhood. I refused to watch the new series for almost two entire years because of my fond memories of the original show. That is, until I caught a few episodes of the original show in reruns some fateful day. As a full fledged adult, the show's weakness were apparent and immediately decided to give the new series a try. After watching the miniseries I frankly didn't give a care about the 1978 and its dreadful followup series in 1980 anymore.

Perhaps a remake could fix the inherent problems with the original (from 1978). The thing is that there just aren't enough people who were fans of the original when it first aired that actually *care* enough or pine for a remake. I know people who watched it when it first aired that haven't really thought about the original since 1978. That's what you're dealing with. There aren't 60+ million people who care, there aren't 10 million, and I doubt there are even more than a few thousand that *really* care.

BSG was out of the limelight for over 20 years. Star Trek's franchise has been alive (even if not well towards the end) and kicking since the 60s. Star Trek is part of the public consciousness. People who don't like Star Trek still get Star Trek references. That's why the Star Trek remake did well.

BSG just can't compete by screaming "we're bringing back the 'real' BSG!" Since there simply aren't enough people who care.

  • The story/plot/mood will need to remain "faithful" (and close to) the original's "care free" and "optimistic" future which the general audience will likely not buy. Lizards robots, characters with no real discernible flaws aside from pride and naivete, Black Hat Baltar.

  • The film will probably not pull in the right crowd if it's too much like the original. The plot will be updated for modern sensibilities. Making it "darker" will only get it compared to the RDM version. Too soon, too similar. Fans of original will cry blasphemy. If any characters, events, or "story elements" get cut or re-worked, original fans will be "outraged."

I'm most curious whether or not the ardent overzealous fans of the original will "take" to another remake. Or because Glen Larson (producer of the original BSG and a whole bunch of 70s and 80s schlock) is supposed to be "on board" - that it is somehow okay?

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