Friday, September 04, 2009

Big Brother has nothing on this!

The film I watched immediately after eXistenZ was a small horror film from 2002, "My Little Eye."

The plot revolves around five twenty-somethings that have won the chance to be on a game show that takes place in an isolated house in the middle of no where. The game? Stay in the house together for six months and win one million dollars. If anyone leaves, you lose.

The film is interesting in that the entire film appears to be shot entirely using hidden cameras. It gives it quite a realistic feel and fits entirely in the feeling of a 24/7 reality series. It's like "The Real World" or "The Surreal Life" - though I suspect that the "The Real World" is more scripted. However, after seeing this film, I would almost like to see some of those people get recruited to living in this secluded house.

The cast is extremely limited which adds to the claustrophobic feeling. The film stars Sean Cw Johnson as Matt; Kris Lemche as Rex, Stephen O'Reilly as Danny, Laura Regan as Emma, Jennifer Sky as Charlie, and Bradley Cooper as Travis.

A series of events unfold which being to make the housemates question whether or not what is happening to them is reality or part of the game. Things quickly take a turn for the worst when they realize that someone with them may not be exactly who they appear to be. It shares some similarities with Saw, but unlike saw, this movie should be bearable for repeat viewings (Speaking of Saw, I can't believe they are still churning out these films).

It's a decent thriller, though I think about 5 to 10 minutes could have been shaved off of the 95 minute run time to tighten up some sequences.

*** out of *****

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