Monday, October 26, 2009

31 days of Halloween: Sisters of Death

Sisters of Death is a 1972 horror film (that was ultimately released in 1977). The film stars Arthur Franz, Claudia Jennings (playboy playmate!), Cheri Howell. The movie was directed by Joseph Mazzuca.

The plot revolves around six sorority sisters who play a game of Russian Roulette (smart move there ladies). Well, as the audience would suspect, one of the blanks was replaced by a real bullet. Years later the 5 remaining girls are invited to an isolated house, to reminisce about the past. And everything will be dug up. As the box description says, "now it's time to play."

It is a film before its time. The movie has all the quintessential slasher horror elements, but years before most of them were widely used.

I found this film for 1.99 at a computer store with one of those "fake" generic non-descript covers that it shares with a dozen other films. The image on the front isn't from the movie, which I suppose is almost as bad as using Joe Don Baker's mug from Mitchell for the cover of Curse of Demon Mountain. Worse yet, the box is wrong and says "John Kelly" directed this film, which I suspect is something they forgot to swap out when the packing was put together. I see now it's part of one of those "50 movie packs" - bummer, I could have gotten it for $11.99. I honestly wish I could see a restored version of this, since it really was an enjoyable horror film to watch and not nearly as schlocky and cheap as I had expected.

You can apparently watch the entire film here:

*** out of *****

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