Friday, October 16, 2009

New Stargate film by Emmerich?

Well, I'm shocked. Well, okay, I'm not that shocked. I've read articles about how Emmerich and Dean Devlin have been trying to float a direct sequel to the Stargate film.

The problem was that the show is moderately popular, and that the films would have nothing to do with the continuity established in the film. That's a problem, and it seems to be the same problem the rumored "Bryan Singer Battlestar Galactica" film is having.

There's just no way that they could pull off what essentially is a reboot of the franchise while the series is still on the air. That would be like if they had released the Star Trek reboot back in 2002.

I've heard that they may fit this in between the first film and the start of the series, but unless it doesn't involve any of the characters or even Earth, there's no real point. Personally they should have just adapted 10,000 BC as a prequel (of course making it better) where the revolution against Ra occurs.

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