Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rundown: Week ending in February 20th

Well, what a busy week. After all the snow we've had, the weather has finally started to "warm," accelerating the snow removal from the roads. People are finally making it back to work, so I guess I should too. Oh wait, I've been working harder than ever. Also, happy Birthday Adobe Photoshop (20 years) and Richmond's Legend Brewing (16 years).

Anyway, I've tried to keep up with the shows I watch, and since I'm done with the "Lost: Revisited" reviews,I had to figure out what would be next.

La Femme Nikita
Well, after careful debate, I decided to suspend my "Avengers" re-watch and start my La Femme Nikita re-watch. For those who don't know what La Femme Nikita is, go watch it. Just do it, it's great. If you liked Alias (or at least the first two seasons) you'll like La Femme Nikita. The spy show centers around Nikita, a innocent person convicted of murder, and later forced to work for super secret "Section One," who are convinced she did in fact murder and believe they can train her to be a secret agent to protect the free world from the worst of the worst. Sounds far fetched? Sure. The show is extremely depressing at times, with a lot of "downers" by the end of the episode, where either the good guys (or Nikita) have failed. But through this downtrodden atmosphere comes a fantastic and gripping universe. I'm usually on the edge of my seat while watching.

I'm about 3/4ths the way through the first season, and suspect I'll finish by the end of the weekend. This season was a lot better the second time around. When I first watched it in late 2008, I wasn't as enamored by it as I was with later seasons.

Well, on further review, the season starts off pretty strong, with a lot of character building on the part of Nikita and Michael. The rest of the cast so far haven't had a lot of fleshing out. Operations is the man in charge, cold, calculating, and treating lives like pawns in a greater scheme. Madeline is little better, a slight soft touch, but that even proves to be fabricated, she is cold and at times even more calculating than Operations. Their portrayal show that Section One can be no better than the enemy they claim to be saving the free world from. Bigger things are to come, but so far - it's pretty wonderful.

On to other shows, and what better than to go to another show started by Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow, 24. This episode showed a marked improvement over the pretty lame and boring story progression that occurred in previous weeks (two episodes ago really got better towards the end, but was about on par with earlier weeks).

I'm enjoying Human Target. It's like an shorter and more over-the-top version of a James Bond movie. Mark Valley does a good job portraying Christopher Chance and I'm surprised to say it, but I'm finally liking Chi McBride. The show would not be nearly as good if not for Jackie Earle Haley's fantastic character, Guerrero. Should the show keep being this fun, and not become repetitive, it could last a while.

No new Community or The Office, thank you Olympics.
Caprica was FANTASTIC. This show really hit the ground running and hasn't let up. The show's drama is on par with some of the best programming that I've seen, and this most recent episode shows some fantastic acting from the main cast members. Please please please if you haven't watched this show, catch old episodes on Hulu.

Was Castle new? I think I saw that episode before, but I may have missed some of it before. Still good, will keep watching.

I've been watching the Tremors series on Hulu. Since the show only lasted 13 episodes, I'm almost done. I suspect I'll try to do a more substantial review later covering this series. If you enjoyed the first film, catch the sequels (skip the 4th film, it's a boring 19th century "prequel") and then catch the show.

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