Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rundown: Week ending in February 27th

Tommy Wiseau lookalikes in MANTIS

District 9
I finally saw District 9. FANTASTIC movie. I'm still thinking about it, but will eventually write a more substantial review.

La Femme Nikita
La Femme Nikita
My La Femme Nikita re-watch continues. I've finished the first season, which ends on an extreme downer, and a pretty decent cliffhanger. Had the series ended right then and there, it would have been satisfying. Since entertainment news on decade old niche shows is spotty at best online, I don't know if this was done "just in-case" the show was canceled (absolutely no pun intended for those familiar with the show) after its first season.

Season two starts off looking a lot like the second half of the Alias series premiere. Gee, I wonder where those guys on Alias got the plot to that story? The reuse of that thread was less transparent than the discussions that Star Trek Deep Space Nine ripped off Babylon 5 (and there's some pretty clear evidence to that, but that's for another day).

The spy show still centers around Nikita, an innocent person convicted of murder (which she did not commit, unlike the film "Nikita" or "Point of No Return") and forced to work for a secret organization. Section One, still protecting the free world from the dangers of evil and rogue groups, are more sinister than ever. There is no moral dilemma for Section; They're willing to kill innocent people to catch the bad guys without batting an eye. I'm halfway through season 2, and they've certainly fleshed out the rest of the main cast finally.

The Olympics
I'm enjoying Human Target, but was bummed out they didn't do an episode this week. The same goes for Community or The Office, thank you again, Olympics. I was out and about last night, so I completely missed Caprica, but will promise to watch it the moment it hits Hulu. Again, if you haven't caught Caprica, please please please catch old episodes online.

Modern Family
I'm quickly catching up on this show, and it's hilarious.

And the rest
I'm still working through M.A.N.T.I.S. the show has really hit a serious downturn now that the season has hit its midpoint. I honestly don't remember a whole lot of the later part of this show during its initial 1994-1995 airing. I did halfway enjoy the episode with the aliens that all looked like Tommy Wiseau.

I'm almost done with the television spin-off of Tremors on Hulu. Only two episodes left.

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