Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan sues Lindsay Lohan for ruining own image

I'm normally willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt but Lohan's been off the deep end for years.

A lawsuit has been brought against E-Trade for the use of the name "Lindsey/Lindsay" in an E-Trade commercial, where Miss Lohan believes her first name is such a staple that the public will recognize it alongside names such as Cher, Madonna, or Oprah is laughable at best.

Lohan's own destructive behavior has already caused enough damage on its own.

Put a fork in it, she's done. One can pretty much mark the end of her career when William H. Macy ripped her a new one. I sincerely hope she likes filming movies in Bulgaria because she's only going to be in SyFy Original Pictures from this point on in her career.

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