Monday, July 19, 2010

Lost's Worst Season

Season 6 certainly was (at least for me) the lowest point of the entire series. Worse then even Season 5, which suffered from a lack of direction nearly all season and certainly worse than season 3's aimless early episodes.

In season 6, almost all of the on-island stuff was ultimately unnecessary. Most of the cast sat around for great lengths of time, walked from place to place just to sit some more, and lacked any cohesive direction. Had the story progressed during that time, I wouldn't have a problem, but almost none of the things they did the first half of the season made a single lick of difference.

Character growth on-island was not only stunted, but regressed. All the character growth of the last 3 years (in-universe, off screen mostly) was swept away. It was like they ignored all of season 4 and 5 and were writing these people like they were still in early season 3.

About the only shining moment of the season was Ab Aeterno. Desmond's episode would have made the list for me, had the whole "going into limbo-world" made any sense at all. Across The Sea was as close to Star Wars' midichorians as Lost ever was able to get. After seeing the results of the episode and it's ramifications for the remainder of the series, I would have preferred them just skipping the whole back story and left the origin and beginning struggle between Jacob and the Man in Black an unknown.

The "sideways" universe was such a cop-out that the final season may almost be unwatchable to me when it finally arrives on DVD. I frankly don't care about any of their actions in this alternate world - considering it's a fake construct and whatever personalities they had before they "awoke" never really existed in the show.

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