Saturday, January 11, 2014

Deadly Prey

Staring: Cameron Mitchell, Troy Donahue, Ted Prior, Fritz Matthews, David Campbell
Director: David A. Prior

A disgraced Colonel turned mercenary runs a camp where he trains recruits by abducting random people off the streets of Los Angles. Following this so far? However, due to unfortunate circumstances in choosing their victims, they select Mike Danton, who just happens to be an insane killing machine.

That really was a great movie, I don't mean in "wow the cinematography was brilliant", but in the "Wow, Rambo is a great film" arena. It was only partially obvious that they must have run out of money and opted to throw in the financier-wants-recruits-faster and Father-in-law-hunts-for-Mike subplots into the film to pad the explosion budget a bit. Then they must have gotten to a point where they decided to ignore any form of time-elapsing device to show the passage of time hoping that the audience wouldn’t notice. As a result impromptu traps set by Danton spring up seconds after he arrives at a location, just in the nick of time to kill or maim one of his pursuers.

My friend Matt commented that he loved how Col. Hogan instantly knew it was Dalton after seeing his handiwork. And also commented on how Dalton ran home 75 miles to Los Angeles and did not get picked up by the cops for running around in nothing but a mullet and what he referred to as "daisy dukes".

I also understand that it defeats the entire purpose of the movie, but shouldn’t the guy in charge have checked out the “runner” before this even began? It would have saved them a considerable number of recruits.

Quality: */*****
Enjoyability ****/*****
Verdict: **1/2/*****

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