Monday, April 09, 2007



Grindhouse Posters

The following 3 reviews will cover the aspects of this very ambitious film. Overall, the experience was mixed. There were some extreme highs, and severe lows. This is unusual for me, as almost every film I’ve seen for the last year in the theaters has been excellent (this started right after the abysmal Ultraviolet, and the only exception to my good track record is seeing the “comedy” - “Ricky Bobby”).

The trailers were gold. They were enjoyable, fun, cheesy, and spot on. Planet Terror was a rush from start to finish, and while some might find it more of a parody of the genre, it was closer to the “source” when it came to clichés, film errors, and paper thin plotting. Death Proof was a complete disaster. It was boring, and while it still had the clichés, but almost none of the dialogue was captivating, and the structure of it was boring. Dreadfully boring. I don’t want to dissuade anyone from seeing this film, but I need to be honest. It’s worth seeing once, and thankfully it’s halfway through the film so if you go back you can leave before it starts.

Overall experience: *** ½ /*****

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