Friday, May 25, 2007

Lost Season 3 Review

Staring: Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly, Henry Ian Cusick, Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, Elizabeth Mitchell, Dominic Monaghan, Emilie de Ravin, and many many more.

The season’s finally over. The make or break season. What started as pretty dull and lifeless, ended up a fantastic ride that almost gave season one a run for its money. Ride and run… wait where was I?

But before I take a look at this season, I’d like to cover everything (or at least at very truncated version) of everything that led up to this season.

The first season was brilliant. It was almost completely flawless – something that very few series are capable of. We’re talking about a show that I – along with some of my very good college friends – watched in 19 hours straight, only taking a short break to get some pizza for dinner. Yes, that good. The story lines were perfectly interwoven and the story actually made sense. The cliffhanger ending of season one was one of the most painful gaps of time before the resolution that I have ever had to endure in a television show.

Season two started off relatively strong, with a number of interesting twists very soon into the season. The Other 48 Days was one the best stories the series aired. Unfortunately the show suffered somewhat in its sophomore season, which becomes more and more obvious towards the end of the season. The “Henry Gale” arc suffered greatly due to poor pacing and wishy-washy direction. In retrospect it was good setup for season 3 and all, but they had a lot of missed opportunity there.

Season three started off VERY poorly. It was not until the Desmond themed episode “Flashes Before Your Eyes” that I actually had any confidence in the series. Thankfully that was episode 8. From just about that point on the show was fantastic and this finale really hearkened back to its season one days. Unfortunately both some of the bad and good episodes had what I would consider the least developed main characters EVER introduced into a series. Niki and Paulo are the bane of many people's existence (or at least the people who wanted to enjoy Lost). Poorly developed and their arc was only marginally resolved (though it's a fantastically dark episode)

I can only hope that the next seasons continue to push out quality episodes, especially after the shocking finale we got.

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