Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opening night review

I just got back from the theater and here are my intial thoughts:

I'm glad Indy's back, however I can't shake the doubt that is growing in my mind over this film.

At times it made "Live Free or Die Hard" look... realistic and believable. Other times it made the "National Treasure" films look straight forward. Indy has now become "superhuman" - falling to the "Jack Bauer syndrome" that now affects most major action stars: they're impervious to damage - and whatever pain may be inflicted on them is only minor and they're recover immediately. A piano could fall on Indy and he would be fine (I suspect this will be a major plot point if they do another sequel/prequel (pre-this film's time frame that is).

Some sequences looked like they were edited by a complete amateur. Three things that nearly ruined the film for me (extremely minor "spoilers"): CGI Prairie Dogs, Fridge, Tarzan, Ending. Other times it looks like they added some apparent dramatic tension even though everyone and their mother could figure out who/what happened or was going to happen.

At least now Temple of Doom isn't the worst in the series!

At the moment I'm giving it a ***/*****

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Matt Ramone said...

If Shy Beef becomes the new Indy, then I am putting a hit on George Lucas.