Thursday, November 06, 2008


This is a followup to a previous review, posted here. This 1960 B-flick actually is a slightly rough gem in disguise of a terribly bad film.

There are some great concepts, and a handful of actually genuinely good scenes in this film.

The plot begins with underwater bomb-testing at an island which unearths two dinosaurs and a caveman. Thankfully for the lightning storm, they're revived (after sitting "frozen" on a tropical beach all afternoon and evening). Woops, now there's a Tyrannosaurus on the loose.

You should have contacted the Smithsonian or something. The government maybe? Nah. Just leave the find of their lifetimes on the beach while they go to the local thug's cantina where he openly abuses his step-son and wife in open sight of all the town's residents. What a wonderful guy.

The shots of the dinosaurs are a mix-bag. Some are actually pretty good for the time (Ray Harryhausen may have even liked some of it - and would have been appalled by other parts).

Directed by: Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.

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