Friday, November 07, 2008

007 days of Bond: Goldfinger

With myself looking hopeful for a good second outing for Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace this coming Friday, I figured I would review my 7 favorite Bond films.

Often the Bond film that everyone appears to remember, for good or ill, Goldfinger is probably one of the most quintesential Bond films ever made.

Bond hits just about every mark that you'd expect him to in this outting, for both Bond fans and non-fans alike - along with those who assume that every Bond film should have an outrageous plot, sometimes silly gagets, an over-the-top henchman, a scene where the badguy tortures - or trys to torture - Bond, and a scene where Bond has everything explained to him in full - so he'll be able to stop it when the time is right.

A couple points that I always found hilarous, even though logically they should detract from the story such as the entire turing point for one of the characters that has an integral part of the operation to attack Fort Knox is swayed from going through with it because Bond has sex with her.

Suprisingly, even though the above elements I've said make it sound like I hate the film, everything above is done so well that, while other Bond films attempt to copy the same formula (A View to A Kill), they're unable to do so successfully.

Probably the only thing that upsets me is that over the last few years I read columns by people who, I'd assume, are only relatively familiar with the franchise, and unfortunately, believe that all the films are Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me.

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