Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pod People (Los Nuevos extraterrestres)

Originally, a horror film, the production and distribution took a wild turn when E.T. proved to be a huge success. Instead of a film about evil space aliens, with mediocre costumes and bad acting, we're stuck with a bad story about (some) evil space aliens, a stupid subplot about a child with no social skills, bad acting, and still with mediocre costumes.

The film was actually recorded in both English and Spanish. I can only assume that many takes taken from the Spanish version, as there are many instances where the dubbing is 'off'. With the little child, the dubbing is off the entire time, obviously dubbed by someone else. If that was actually that child's voice, I feel extremely sorry for him.

The film starts with opening credits that don't actually take place in the film itself. It opens with poachers looking for illegal game in the woods. An alien craft crashes, and eventually one of them ends up upon the crash site. He proceeds to inexplicably crack all the eggs, and is promptly killed.

The rest of the film is about a "super star" musician, with his friends recording his next "hit" song with his entourage, end up deciding to go camping in the woods. Well soon enough, the film takes the next logical turn, with the aliens attacking the musician's group, the poachers, and everyone else involved. Add in a stupid child and a "cute" alien that somehow isn't evil like the rest of them, and you have this film.

What do I think about it? IT STINKS.


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