Thursday, July 30, 2009

Matt Helm remake? By Spielberg?

I've just read on Cinematical that Steven Spielberg might be making a 'Matt Helm' film.

I've previously reviewed The Silencers and Murderers' Row, and have been meaning to cover the last two films that, well were pretty forgettable and very awful.

I am under the assumption that a remake will remain a campy, comedic spoof like the Dean Martin films were like. While I haven't read the books, I know that the films were nothing like the books. They were serious, not "silly."

The films were even less like a James Bond adaptation, where at least a Bond film would use some plot points and many of the characters - albeit used in a largely different capacity.

The only way to restart the franchise would be to start over and stick close to the source material. There are 27 published books to choose from, it can't be that hard. Do it right and you have a viable franchise that could last years.

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