Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hype that kills [Avatar]

Well, the cat is out of the bag. Avatar's teaser has been released.

Yesterday I thought that once the trailer was released, that the ardent fanbase would dissect every single aspect which would eventually be used to support how the film will not only break box office records, but will be the best film in the last decade, if not the best science fiction movie ever.

Back in July 2008 I wrote about how I thought Avatar was hyped up to a ridiculous degree. JULY 2008, over a year ago

Little to nothing was known until now about the film beyond a few comments from Cameron and a few of the crew. People were ranting and raving even back in 2007 (and earlier) about how "game changing" and revolutionary - photo realistic even - the film would be.

Well, it's out. The graphics don't look bad, they just don't look as good as has been hyped up for the last two years. Davy Jones in the Pirates films looked better. That's a bad sign. If people can't buy a 10 foot tall blue creature (as was claimed the audience would easily accept) - then that's it. Game over man. Game over.

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