Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Prisoner: Schizoid

The PrisonerHour Five of The Prisoner remake, Schizoid, is the first hour of the third night's Prisoner episode. The Prisoner remake stars Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen as Number Six and Number Two.

Following 4-15's death, Six seeks out Two and announces his intentions of revenge.

313's dreams continue. The following day Six tries to confide in 313 about how devistated he is at the loss of 4-15. 313 claims that Six was at her house the previous night and is annoyed as to why he appears upset now when he wasn't just hours earlier. Six is confused as to why she, and others claim to have seen him in places he wasn't, or in conversations he doesn't recall having. Could there be another Six? Two announces an imposer Two in The Villages midst. M2 and 11-12 reconnect for a short time while M2 is off drugs.

The conversation between the shop owner and Two is probably the best yet. The episode's eventual revelation at the end is an interesting twist. The show is really coming together.

The title is a shortened version of the original series title, "The Schizoid Man," though it only bears a slight resemblance to it. Next up, "Checkmate." One hour to go.

**** out of *****

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