Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Has The Asylum done it right for once?

On my birthday this past weekend, my buddy Jonathan and I were perusing The Asylum, the wonderful company who has made wonderful movies which were knock-offs of films such as:

100,000,000 BC ... 10,000 BC
Alien Vs Hunter ... Alien Vs Predator
I Am Omega ... (A mix of "Omega Man" and "I am Legend")
Snakes on a Train ... Snakes on a Plane
Transmorphers ... Transformers
The Da Vinci Treasure ... The DaVinci Code

Well we came across the trailer for the upcoming Princess of Mars, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novel.

Well, while I don't know how good or bad the script is based on this teaser, nor do I know how well acted it is, I do have to say that the effects do appear to be of much higher quality than I'm normally used to (the ones in the War of the Worlds films they made were "terrible"). It also has filters applied to it and something other than the "set the camera down and shoot" style that many of these films have.
Traci Lords in Princess of Mars
I'm not that familiar with the work itself, but I'm not sure that Antonio Sabato Jr. can really pass himself off as Virginian Confederate soldier, John Carter. Though judging on one of the screen shots I saw, I'm guessing he's just going to be a modern day US Soldier.

The film will be released December 29, 2009. We'll then be able to see if they've infused a little passion into this production.

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