Monday, March 08, 2010

Rundown: Week ending in March 6th

Tommy Wiseau lookalikes in MANTIS

Okay, last week was terrible. Terrible, terrible terrible. I think I was attached to a desk chair almost all week, sun up to when the moon was at its apex in the night. So that really put a damper on my week. But not to worry, the weekend provided plenty of time for me to unwind, relax and watch.

I love Hulu, I know my friend Jonathan apparently doesn't, but I do. I knocked off so many things off my never shrinking queue. After enjoying Ed O'Neill on Modern Family, I decided to take a look at Married... With Children. Wow, glad I did. Visually dated at times, mostly due to the cheap sitcom video they used to use. The stories, even today can be pretty edgy, with comments that are less veiled than they are today. A lot of shows would imply that the oldest daughter is no longer a virgin through some kind of innocent innuendo, but Bud Bundy outright says it at the dinner table ("at least there's one virgin at the dinner table"). Hulu doesn't have all the episodes, and I suspect that the Frank Sinatra song, "Love and Marriage" has some sketchy legal rights that don't quite allow it to make the cut so a muzak version of the theme is present on many, but not all, episodes. Having a blast watching.

Tremors ended on a whimper. Perhaps it was a good thing, but after stepping away, perhaps this show deserved a full season to see if it really could hit its stride.

I'm still on the slow road to finish M.A.N.T.I.S. Wow, it's really starting to hit rock bottom, though the latest episode was actually not too bad. I'm completely drawing a blank on these episodes, so perhaps we just stopped watching or the show changed nights when it first aired back in 1994 and 1995.

La Femme Nikita
The La Femme Nikita re-watch continues. I just about finished the second season. Upon second viewing, and I say second because I only caught the odd episode when I was up at 2am back in my youth, the show really does have a lot more continuity that I had given it credit for. While there aren't many story arcs to speak of, there are threads that start in one episode which eventually push over to other episodes. However, this show, as I've already stated, is still pretty depressing. You really get sucked into and feel Nikita's desperation at being powerless to escape Section. The show really picked up its production values and dumped the silly "stone castle" theme of Madeline's office for something that actually fit the rest of the facility. Two episodes until season 3. More stories have cropped up that bear striking resemblance to some of Alias'.

The Olympics are Over!
There were new episodes of Community and The Office. I'm of two minds for the most recent Office episode, where Pam finally gives birth. Mind you it wasn't awful, but the show has really lost a lot of it's realism (and it didn't have a lot to begin with), at least there was some continuity, which I feel they generally push to the back burner and ignore. I think the show is far past its fresh date, though it's a lot better than it was around the time of the writer's strike.

The Tonight Show
The Tonight Show is dead to me. Fuck Jay Leno and his stupid jean jacket. You know there's a problem when HE is the one copying George Lopez's lame jokes.

Caprica never ceases to amaze me. The show seems to be getting better and better. Everyone, watch! Look for it on iTunes or Hulu!

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